Wednesday, May 26, 2010

UAE launches Historic IDN cctld امارات.

According to the lastest press release at Gulf News .com, today in Abu Dhabi the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in the United Arab Emirates has activated the امارات. cctld to serve UAE and the Arabic speaking world.  The event took place at the Emirates Palace.
The new IDNcctld was launched yesterday in the presence of its director general Mohammad Nasser Al Ganem.  Another milestone in making the internet valuable for non-english speakers.

image credit: Gulf News

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

секс.РФ Russian Domains are getting HOT!

секс.РФ is up and running on the internet.  As was mentioned in my previous post, 12,000 Russian websites can be up in running in the next few days.  I took a look at новости.РФ (news in Russian) and it wasn't up and running yet. 
So, I'm guessing the секс.РФ is already going to be getting thousands of hits a day during the first week.  I'll check a few more sites and post my findings.  A good day for Russian IDNs!  If you are interested you can sign up to become a site member as they are accepting 10,000 applicants.  Here's the LINK:  секс.РФ

"The first site specifically designed for the domain. RF (conceptually and technologically), became a social project СЕКС.РФ, the site which will begin its work immediately after the delegation of domains. RF - May 25, 2010. The domain name registered by customers of Registrar REG.RU - by "CETIS" November 25, 2009, in the priority registration period for trademark holders."

"Первым сайтом, специально разработанным для домена .РФ (концептуально и технологически), стал социальный проект СЕКС.РФ, сайт которого начнёт свою работу сразу после начала делегирования доменов .РФ – 25 мая 2010 года. The domain name registered by one of SEKS.RF customers Registrar REG.RU - by "CETIS" November 25, 2009, in the priority registration period for trademark holders. Доменное имя СЕКС.РФ зарегистрировано одним из клиентов Регистратора REG.RU – компанией «ЦЭТИС» 25 ноября 2009 года, в рамках периода приоритетной регистрации для правообладателей  товарных знаков." link


Monday, May 24, 2010

Russian Domains appearing today. Домены в зоне .рф заработают 25 мая

Today is a landmark day for the 12,000 Russian Domains that have been registered in Cyrillic during the first phase of registration (priority), for active trademark holders and government, state and local entities. So today there will be thousands of Russian IDNs launched on the web.

Today is a day of celebration, Russian will be the first country to have launched an extensive portfolio of fully internationalized domains. This is especially critical for most Russian citizens, as they cannot speak or read english -- thus opening up the web to millions more users in Russia. The first two Russian websites to be available were президент.РФ and правительство.РФ. which translate to president.rf and government.rf respectively.

Сегодня является важной вехой в день в течение 12 тысяч русских владений, которые были зарегистрированы на кириллице в ходе первого этапа регистрации (приоритет), для активных владельцев товарных знаков и самоуправления, государственных и местных органов. Так что сегодня будет тысяч русских IDNs начал в Интернете.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another New Dawn for the Internet, 3 IDN cctlds Added to the Root

Today marks a day that many of us have been waiting for. The first non-latin cctlds (country code top level domains) have been added to the root. ICANN announced today that "The three new top-level domains are السعودية. (“Al-Saudiah”), امارات.
( “Emarat”) and مصر. (“Misr”)." These are arabic script cctlds, and they will be available for registration shortly. Many who have invested in and are celebrating today because soon, Verisign will be promoting .com and .net into transliterated/tranlated scripts. This is a huge step in fully internationalizing the internet, and it's been a long time coming. To read the news from ICANN today, go to here

Here is an interesting video from a few days ago

Russia is expected to get their IDN cctld in a week or so.