Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Internationalized Internet

With the opening of applications for IDN.IDNcctlds on November 16th, there is a mild media frenzy going on. NPR, BBC, and news in various countries is starting to stir up the interest in International Domain Names. What does this signify for Domainers and Webmasters? Many things...domainers are beginning to come around to the notion that URLs will be type in foreign scripts (non latin) although many domainers are not liking this too much. I mean think about all the domainers who have invested in pinyin style domains -- will they become useless? And what is the fate of IDN.com? Well for those who invested early in IDN.com/IDN.net and other gtlds, it looks like there may be some real good news coming around the corner. I will write about this soon, not to keep too many in suspense. Webmasters....hmmmm webmasters and web developers will need to get their sh*t together and make sure their websites can support the new urls, meaning that many corporations (the smart ones) will finally have to leave behind IE6 and move on. IE6 will be quickly leaving the scene, especially with countries that do business worldwide. How does this all fit together? Well, the web is simply changing. And those changes were marked on November 16th, 2009. Currently known as IDN day. The day the internet became more free, more open to the global community.

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