Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When will the first 'real' IDN cctld be added to the root?

It's January 2010 and pouring down rain in Southern California.  I've been pondering that the update of IDN cctld's to the root will be coming soon.  How soon?  Could be anytime between now and May 2010.   Tina Dam (in charge of IDNs with ICANN) says that it will be sometime early in 2010.   Well the purpose of this post is to have a contest:  Guess the exact day that the first IDN cctld will be added to the root and win a prize.  The winner will receive an IDN domain with a .com or .net extension.  We will probably be informed of the exact date that the first (non-test) IDN extension is added to the route by members of ICANN or IANA, and we here at IDNBusiness.com will also be checking.  We will check the IANA website during the next few months, but more than likely the news will be everywhere on domain forums and IDNforums.

Good Luck to all who enter!  Please post your entry in the comments below.

The domain name prize will be announced at a later date.