Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A First Glance at ParkingMinisite for IDNs  offers domainers a quick way to get minisites up and running.  I have already generated 6 IDN minisites using their easy to use platform.  Adsense revenue is split 50/50 based on an algorithm created by the company.

ParkingMinisite offers an in between solution between domain parking and more extensive minisite development methods (i.e. Noomle)

Adding and editing a domain on the control panel is simple: title, description, content, links are entered, a picture is selected and voila!  The site is up and running.   The adding of pictures is simple, and videos and text modification can be made using the 'html' button within the editor.

ParkingMinisite adds additional links based on the keywords entered, plus links to videos and news articles ect.  This is a great feature.    But the best feature of all is that the minisites can be generated with IDNs and the compatible languages include: Spanish, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Greek, Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, Hindi, Italian, Thai, Korean, Hebrew, Croatian, Turkish, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish, Lithuanian, Czech, Finnish, Danish, Belarusian and Norwegian.

I recently created the followiing ParkingMinisite websites:

บิกินี่.net  in thai
cajó       A drum in Spanish (although used in English too)   
قلبي.net           cordial, with heart in Arabic
significadodelossueñ  Dream Interpretation in Spanish
お風呂.com in Japanese
小小游戏.net       Little Games in Chinese.

If you are interested in getting an account for ParkingMinisite, you can sign-up here.

I'm pretty happy with the results so far, and I will continue to tweak the sites and add more.
At some point I will do a comparison between ParkingMinisite and Noomle for minisite development for IDNs


  1. How do you like the feed generated content ? I find the feature interesting, especially in the context of IDNs.

  2. The feed generator is an excellent feature. It makes the website much more complete and keeps it current. The feed generated content give a much better user experience and allows him/her to dig down deeper into the website.

  3. One thing that I'm confused about is why you would still prefer ParkingMinisite to Noomle? Noomle is NO share - that means you don't have to share a single dime with the company. Yet ParkingMinisite isn't really even that established and its taking HALF of your revenue? Thats ridiculous.

  4. Good points, it is true that ParkingMinisite takes 1/2 share, and with Noomle you get all your revenue. The benefits of Noomle outweigh the benefits of ParkingMinisite in most cases.

    But any website/minisite building company that supports IDNs get's my vote. I will continue to support Noomle and their excellent products and service and they are number one in my book. ParkingMinisite will also continue to get my support because they also support multi language websites. Remember that most companies in this genre don't support IDNs,