Friday, July 16, 2010

There's Gold in Those IDNs -- California Gold Rush of 1849 Revisited

IDNs have catapulted forward into the future of Internet URLs with the latest statement by Chuck Gomes moving .coms and .nets into the IDN space age. Grab your best pick axe, mule and rough sack, it's time to go a mining for gold!  Grab a cup of hot coffee, some toast and set out on the trail looking for a greenish-gold vein in the quartz (or a great arabic keyword) and throw a .net or a .com after, cause sooner than not, those domains will be worth more than gold.   1849 changed the landscape of California and the world forever with the first strike of gold at Sutter's place.  Now over 150 years later it is time to stake your claim and go digging.  There's gold in those IDNs, so don't pass up this historic chance to find gold in domain names.  99 percent of us let the chances go by in the 1990's.  Now, in 2010 the new domain name Gold Rush is upon us.

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