Thursday, December 3, 2009

IDNBlog gets Exclusive: Q&A with Chuck Gomes of Verisign

The website IDNBlog asked questions to Chuck Gomes of Verisign today and he answered one of the questions many of us have been curious about.  How will the aliasing process work?  You can read his answer here on IDNBlog.   Basically, and holders will have the rights to and exclusively.  If the holder wants to "turn-on"  the .com-in-IDN or .net-in-IDN domain, he/she will need to purchase the .in-IDN version in order to 'activate' the domain.  Otherwise the '.in-IDN' versions will not resolve.  I think this is a great solution and the mechanism will be in place (added to the root) during the launch of the new gtlds by ICANN.  For those who have invested in and are developing IDNs this process insures stability and makes the .com and .net brands available in the hundreds of languages being spoken throughout the world.

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