Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's getting harder to value (put a price on) IDNs into 2010..

Well with some recent sales of IDNs, it is becoming clear that to actually set values on them is almost impossible.  The German market gives us a glimpse into prices and sales, but the German IDN market has been very active during the past 2 years.   Some of the early IDN investors have quite an amazing collection of IDNs and many of them are priceless.    And which language will be the next to 'pop'?  Many think Russian IDNs are already popping and enjoying a great deal of type-in traffic, and it makes sense.  Although a couple of fairly wealthy individuals may make a start with Arabic.    One thing we are certain of is that the value of IDNs will rise during the next 5 years, and may level out around 2015.   Until then, we are likely to see many, many 6 figure sales, and by next year, a huge percentage of DNJournals reported sales will be IDNs.  How soon? How high?  How fast?  Anyones guess right now.  So hold on tight.

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  1. The Germans are domain obsessed. I love it.

    Definitely waiting to see how this unfolds :-).